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Watch it Made!

Dark Steel's Multi-Purpose Survival Tool   $28

A Dark Steel Original! This versatile tool is a must for every emergency kit! Use hand held as a knife, hatchet or spade or add your own pole to make it a longer cutting tool or a spear.

These Spearheads are forged in Rowanwood's Smith shop by Dark Steel.  Made as one solid piece, tempered and sharpened, this sturdy tool should last through years of use if maintained with the occasional sharpening and light coat of oil.

The hollow steel handle has been pre-drilled to allow for a screw to attach a longer handle. (though some have found it handy to run a strap though there to hang it by)

Handle length is 6 inches, overall length is 10 inches, though each piece is individually crafted and measurements may vary slightly.


Searching the seven seas for loot that will make you the envy of your crew? Well your journey has come to an end. This treasure chest, containing a one of a kind Spiral Handled Dagger, should be priceless, but ultimately that's what makes this a steal. The dagger is a hardy companion for any adventurer. Forged from a solid piece of rebar this full-tang dagger is strong enough to brave the most fearsome of voyages, but elegant enough to add swagger to your step. 

Be sure and watch how Dark Steel made this piece, in its exclusive youtube video.

Dark Steel Tee

Take Dark Steel with you wherever you go!

GildanĀ® Ink Printed Heavy Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt printed with exclusive Dark Steel design.


This Full-Tang Short Sword is light and comfortable to hold with a poly-cord wrapped handle, but packs a powerful punch! The razor sharp blade extends fully down the hand guard, giving the user added protection with a truly competetive edge! 


Dark Steel Basic

This appropriately named blade is built for simplicity and appreciated for it's versatility. It's easy to see why the Basic is Dark Steel's top selling item. It is light-weight, fits in most small bags or backpacks, it's shape allows for easy use in every situation from the kitchen to the great outdoors. The paracord handle comes in five colors and you can choose to have it knotted on the right or left side.


Disclaimer : Neither Dark Steel nor Rowanwood Art condone the use of violence. We do not recommend hunting Zombies or evil hordes and if you use one of our well-made , completely functional art peices to do so, you do it at your own risk! 

This is my Art and it's DANGEROUS! - Delia Deetz